Genera-Lab is the first based in Verona women's co-working, which integrates different cultures and professions. A space with workstations dedicated to those who want to invent a creative work, reconciling life and work time.The craftswomen and professionals who collaborate with co-working propose a calendar of manual and artistic workshops, in free market, for those who want to experiment art and creativity. Born from the collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Verona

Traditionals handcrafts

Every woman is the bearer of traditional knowledge, which speaks of the richness of her cultural and family roots. Such knowledge is enhanced through paths of ability to rediscover oneself and one's own skills, for the initiation of self-employment forms, which allow one to improve one's economic conditions. The project focuses in particular on forms of craftsmanship (tailoring, origami and scrap-booking, crochet, macramé, weaving, body care ...) and provides that such knowledge is promoted in schools or in some places of city life, such as the Centre for Creative Reuse of the City of Verona.

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